What Matters to STEM@BROWN: 

Our Students: Some of the most driven members and the future of our community


September 2015

A recent brief but prominent TV appearance of the STEM@Brown at WLBT, can be seen here:

November 2015

Innovation poster contest under the patronage of MS Center for Education Innovation and Innovate Mississippi. Each student has a chance to win either a Chromebook or and Amazon Fire Tablet for their creative, problem solving driven posters on the topic of innovation. For deadlines and details, click here.

The results of the innovation contest and a gala celebration:

Innovation at Brown Elementary

Building model rockets with 4th grade students at STEMLabs@Brown 

December, 2015

Building Rockets @STEM

Deploying the rockets
Firing air rockets with K-2
...and more.

A visit by Ben Minnifield of (among other things) ROTC gave students an insight into what it takes to be a true soldier and what is it really that a soldier does these days (hint: not so much carry guns, but builds robots, decrypt secret messages). (January 2016)


Tim Fielder a.k.a DieselFunk was kind enough to pay us a visit at STEM Lab

Tim Fielder visiting STEM at BROWN

A faster paced rendering of Tim's awesome visit

The Art Of Mold, STEM@Brown

A typical STEM class at Brown

Basics of block programming via Hour of Code's Angry Bird app:

Understanding recursion via Lightbox's Hour of Code project:

Learning about computational thinking, algorithms, functions, conditionals, and abstraction via HOC's  20-Hour Intro Course

Khan Academy's Intro to Drawing & Animation with JavaScript:

Google's CS-First intro to game design with MIT's Scratch:

Google and MIT's AppInventor: Writing Android Apps with a block based language:

Google's CS-First intro to Social Media with MIT's Scratch:

Boston EiE

STEM team from Brown attended Engineering is Elementary training at Boston Museum of Natural Science in December of 2015

A more advanced STEM class includes

Learning to program for the web: 

General Assembly's Dash, learn to make a website with HTML, CSS, and JS:

CodeAcademy on HTML, CSS, JS, Ruby on Rails, JQuery, PHP, AngularJS, etc.:

Full Stack JavaScript etc. with freeCodeCamp:

Learning to code Android Apps: 

University of San Francisco's's class on AppInventor with videos and book chapters:

Android Studio by Google:

Classes (advanced):

Our local partners in science education:

Jackson, MS, Natural Science Museum

Some visuals on a recent Monday at Brown: